Input power 2000Watt
The output voltage 220v~50HZ(2000w)
Temperature 80-350℃
Temperature 80-600℃
Air volume 300L/min
Air volume 500L/min
weight 0.9kg
Temperature use advice 122-300°F 50-150℃ Thaw the frozen tube
Low temperature 400-450°F 205-230℃ Finishing the plastic, or grinding the powder to soften
50-550°F 230-290℃ Soften the cooking
800-850°F 425-455℃ Softened solder
900-950°F 480-510℃ Loosen the rusty bolt
1000-1100°F 520-550℃ Paint remover
High temperature 1022°F 550℃ Start zooming charcoal


Heat Blow Gun safety precaution
1. When the switch is activated, do not place it without using it;
2, do not use the heat gun as a hair dryer
3. Don't directly put the hot air against people or animals.
4. Don't use it in flammable or gas
5, do not block or cover the hot air outlet
6. When the heat gun is used or used, do not touch the nozzle. The handle of the heat gun must be kept dry, clean or away from oil or gas.
7. Do not use a heat gun in the rain or in a damp place to avoid the risk of fire or clicks.
8. When removing paint at high altitude, be sure to carry anti-mesh equipment.
9. Check the area used, ceiling, floor or ceiling, there may be extremely flammable materials, be sure to check these areas before use.
10. After use, remove the paint or varnish from the nozzle and the blade. These substances may cause fire.
11. Work area should ensure good ventilation
12, the hot air gun should be completely cooled before it can be stored

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