HD- Tbox, with high level structure and stable performance, collects vehicle data trucks and buses.  It has been supplied to the truck manufacturers, engine manufacturers and other fleet companies in China for years.

Now we have supplied golo solutions to different customers like insurance companies and telecom operators, workshop, car manufacturers, fleet management companies, environmental protection agency etc.

Customers can have all the vehicle data stored in the local servers.
  • Collects vehicle data from trucks and buses.
  • Data Collection, Access to J1939, J1708, K-line, L-line
  • Fault Code Detection - Check through the vehicle system and upload the fault code in real time
  • ACC detection - It will detect the ACC on/off status and send to server in real time
  • Disconnection Alert - Device will send a real time alert to the server once connection is lost
  • Driving behavior - Rapid acceleration, Rapid deceleration

Download the GOLO TBOX Brochure here