How is golo X a "Solution for Workshop"?

With OEM level telematics provided by LAUNCH Tech, which combine X-431 Scanners with golo to build workshop ecosystem, Car owner no longer needs to worry when a service light comes on! golo platform helps them to find a repair shop they can rely on. Simply tap the golo Carcare APP & send cars vital information directly to the shop/technician. Workshop can analyze their vehicles, make proper recommendations, put the light out & even schedule an appointment, all from thousands of miles away!

With golo equipped Scan tool. Workshop can view and manage customer's data, always be the first to contact with their customer, shop's competitive advantage and customer satisfaction will be well improved.
  • Inspect full system of your car on your smartphone, make sure your car is always in good condition
  • Connect your car to smartphone via WiFi
  • GOLO will remind you of speeding, suddenly braking, unlock seatbelt and improve your driving skills
  • Technician can diagnose your car remotely and timely if you connect with golo 4
  • Any abnormalities such as abnormal vibration, speeding, illegal driving, driving out of the e-fence will get alert messages
  • Easy-to-understand reports will be shown to you after you have your car is inspected and diagnosed
  • Users can consult technicians about car problem and condition with it.
  • Map service helps you locate your car, search nearby, search 4S shops, and garages
  • Share your driving skills with friends on car team, make friends nearby by searching around, enjoy online life while driving

Download the GOLO X brochure here