Brand New  High-end Diagnostic Tool, with an AutoDetect function for quicker diagnosis.

Using Android™ 7.0 , the Gear Scan carries the same LAUNCH advantages through its vehicle diagnostic technology, special features, wide coverage and professional test reports. Now with the AutoDetect function, you can expect to see quicker turn-around time on diagnosis.

  • Special features include: service light reset, steering angle reset, brake pad reset, anti-theft matching, ABS bleeding, battery matching and DPF regeneration.
  • Intelligent Diagnosis: Through the AutoDetect function, you're able to read the vehicle identification number (VIN), look up the history diagnostic record and get quicker access to diagnosis
  • Diagnostic feedback: Users can provide diagnostic feedback when special circumstances are encountered during usage, to which technical staff will address and resolve issues
  • Diagnostic Record: With the local maintenance history record, users can view the vehicle records that the equipment has diagnosed. Repeated diagnosis if the same vehicle, results in quicker data output.
  • One click online updates
  • Brand new UI, completely optimized the human-machine interaction, making the diagnostic operation much easier, more practical and efficient
  • System Specifications: Android™ 7.0, 1GB Memory, 8 GB Storage, 4000mAh rechargeable Li-battery, 5" 720P IPS Touchscreen   

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