LAUNCHER LCH-TC002H Tire Changer with Helping Arm


LAUNCHER automatic tire changer with helping arms for easy mount / dismount of rims.

  • Higher and longer right/left side helper arms system extends working coverage
  • Pneumatic controlled tire pressing device can be freely lifted and located at any position
  • Swing arm with semi-automatic style
  • Turn table 10”-24” clamping range
  • Motorcycle adapter is optional
  • Fully automatic
  • 10-24” clamping range
  • Diameter marks conduce to clamping
  • Twin cylinders doubles the clamping force
  • Plastic rim protector
  • Powerful motor ensures best torque and speed
  • Reliable transmission
  • Pneumatic powered tilting column
  • Lock rim for same sized wheel
  • Alloy steel head with plastic protection
  • Shovel with plastic sleeve

Designed in Canada.

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