The TLT211-AS is an ALI certified 11,000lb. professional grade two post, asymmetric clear floor lift with adjustable height. The adjustable height and increased lifting capacity make this lift perfect for heavy duty pickup trucks.
  • ALI certified
  • 11,000 lb lifting capacity
  • Direct Drive
  • Adjustable Column Height - Provides an extra 6” of height adjustment
  • Rubber Door Guards - Provides added security against door damage
  • Outer Hose Guards - Protects hydraulic hoses
  • Stackable Foot Pad Extensions - four 6” tall and four 3” short extensions
  • Single Point Lock Release - disengage both column locks simultaneously
  • Heavy-Duty Arm Restraint System - Oversize rugged steel gears, pins and springs
  • Double Telescoping Screw Pads - Used with or without rubber pads offering 6.5” adjustment for complete vehicle coverage
  • Standard Asymmetric - Lift installed with columns facing each other
  • 3 Stage front arms

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