LAUNCH takes pride in being among the world’s largest manufacturers for the high quality versatile automotive lifts. It produces a variation of 50,000 vehicle lifts sold worldwide making it a global leader in quality lift designs, production and sales.

Up until six years ago, Launch Tech USA was selling, installing and maintaining LAUNCH hoists in the Canadian market. However, this has stopped due to the challenging nature of the local after-sales support market. Hoists are considered heavy equipment that require specialized expertise to run preemptive maintenance, trouble shooting and on-ground support at the time of need.

As a result of the ever evolving, 20 year old, business relationship between the leadership team at LAUNCH and the leadership team at Canada Auto Solutions (CAS), Launch Tech USA has recently reintroduced its hoists to the Canadian market through CAS. Culminating a solid journey of success over the past three years between the two companies, CAS has recently been chosen as the partner of choice for selling LAUNCH products in the Canadian market including sales, installation and maintenance of LAUNCH quality hoists. This authorization by Launch Tech USA is testimony to CAS’s competency in designing, operating and expanding its sustainable, technically viable and locally available technical support system.

Last month, the first shipment of ALI / ETL / Certified LAUNCH Lifts has been received by CAS, paving the way for a strong return for LAUNCH hoists to the Canadian market. Mr. Chady Abdo, Managing Director at CAS said “it gives us great pleasure to be chosen as the trusted partner to reintroduce LAUNCH hoists into the Canadian market. I take this opportunity to thank Launch Tech USA for their confidence and for the extended technical training sessions”.

Just days after receiving the first shipment, CAS has successfully sold, installed and tested numerous LAUNCH hoists in the local market.

“This is a great start of the year for us at CAS, we are thankful and we will continue our effort to become Canada’s market leader in selling LAUNCH products” added Mr. Abdo.

January 06, 2020 — Carol Zouein