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LAUNCH's mission is to provide the most innovative, cost-effective solutions available in the automotive aftermarket. 

Canada Auto Solutions Inc. is Launch's only Canada-based distributor.

With the diagnostic solutions offered by 
Launch, customers finally have the power to perform accurate, fast, OEM-level diagnostics and repair. 

Today the company employs over 300 qualified R&D engineers led by some of the most experienced and distinguished specialists in the automotive sector. Launch tools have received rave reviews from both trade magazines and customers alike. The vehicle coverage spans virtually every vehicle make sold in North America.  





"We have worked closely and listened to the needs of our customers for over 25 years to design an automotive product line that adds even more to the best features of well-known brands."

After extensive R&D, Launcher came to market in 2010 featuring its own unique products of wheel aligners, injector cleaners, A/C service machines, tire changers, wheel balancers and lifts with more tools currently in development. 

Beyond the great value for such high quality equipment, LAUNCHER products are known for frequent updates and technical  advancements, supported by exceptional after sales service and accessibility of parts.

LAUNCHER is proud to have all products designed in Canada, and exported to Europe, North and South America, Central Africa and Southeast Asia. Canada Auto Solutions Inc. has the Launcher’s distribution rights for North America.

LAUNCHER's slogan is "If we've built it, we'll know how to fix it."



Besita is a leading brand of auto hand tools in the auto repair and maintenance industry. They have built a reputation to design, manufacture and supply high quality, reliable, user-friendly, safe and professional auto hand tools and auto aftermarket products to many customers around the world through their strong networks.

Canada Auto Solutions Inc. is the sole Besita distributor in Canada.

All products are designed and manufactured strictly according to the German DIN standards, in order to meet industrial standards and customers’ requirement. All tools are originally manufactured in Taiwan, according to extremely rigid quality standards and come with a lifetime guarantee.

With full range of product lines, wide knowledge and practical experience, Besita tools are capable of providing one-stop, value-added and total auto hand tools solutions to customers, not only strengthen customers’ competitive advantage, but to improve customers’ performance and growth.

Canada Auto Solutions Inc. is the sole distributor for North America.