Our Role In The Community

CAS is committed to giving back to the community by supporting charitable, environmental, and local cultural initiatives.  Whether partnerships with leading Canadian academic institutions focusing on Automotive and mainly Electric/Hybrid vehicle repair or participating in cultural events in our own backyard, we are proud to call Canada home. 

CAS is proudly developing relationships with academic institutions with prominent automotive programs. Beyond recruiting new graduates, we are also open to other community engagement programs, including mentoring, lectures and class clinics and even product donation to colleges’ automotive labs or workshops.
Our corporate culture is dedicated to supporting the industry's educational program as part of growing future talented skilled workers.

We believe in the green, we believe in the environment. We have developed an intricate and customized Hybrid Equipment solutions with emphasis on Tools, Academic Benefits, Community Engagement and you. We aim to deliver to you, the technician, the best tools for your craft. Please join us, and may we be the first to ride the Hybrid wave to come. 

We believe in the future. The next generation of technicians need to be specialists. We will bring to you specialized training, equipment, and opportunity. Collaborating with both Students and faculty, we aim to bring you extensive training and coverage for all your hybrid needs.