Blue Boy Hand Expander [BB-000001]

SKU: BB-000001

The portable Blue Boy Hand Expander is a revolutionary tool that lets you replace only worn-out sections of the exhaust pipe. It does the work of four tools needed to get the job done and does it better, faster and cheaper.
  • Compacity built and easy to operate
  • Fast, does the job in 15 second maximum
  • Easy to set size specification
  • Eliminates need for welding
  • Portable or bench mount
  • Produces tight joints
  • Adjustable calibration


  • Expansion Capacity: 1-1/2˝ I.D. to 3-1/2˝ O.D.
  • Accuracy: Controlled I.D. - Nominal Plus, 015˝ +-,005˝; Controlled O.D. - Nominal +,0000˝ / ,010˝
  • Stroke: 1350˝
  • Max Hydraulic System Pressure: 6000psi
  • Expansion Depth: 1-3/4˝ min, 2-1/4˝ max
  • Weight: 10lbs

Designed & Made in Canada

Blue Boy Hand Expander Product Sheet

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