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Blue Boy Truck Hand Expander [BB-000002]

SKU: BB-000002

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Blue Boy Truck Hand Expander is the ideal tool for replacing exhaust systems economically and efficiently. Replace truck exhaust systems efficiently and decrease assembly time with less welding. Replace only the defective pipe or muffler parts. 
  • 3 Standard segments: 3˝ depth expansion
  • Hardened solid steel tooling
  • Heavy duty arbor
  • Adjustable calibration
  • Lower installation costs
  • Less welding
  • Lower inventory


  • Expansion Capacity: 3˝ inner diameter to 6 1/8˝ outer diameter
  • Accuracy: .005˝
  • Stroke: 1.125˝
  • Max Hydraulic System Pressure: 6000psi
  • Air Pressure: 60 to 120psi

Designed & Made in Canada

Blue Boy Truck Hand Expander Product Sheet

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