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The ELP400EV Battery Pack Module is a Charging and Discharging device that maintains battery packs to extend the service life and longevity. It features the ability to perform various tests which include discharging, charging, and cycle charging in the maintenance mode. The ELP400EV Battery Pack Module services various lithium batteries such as lithium iron phosphate, lithium ternary, and lithium manganese oxide. Additional capabilities include wireless data transmission and an intelligent based operating system aimed at usability.

EV Battery Pack Module Charging and Discharging Device


  • The 7-inch LCD touch screen and the intuitive menu allows for a seamless usability experience.
  • Portable and Versatile.
  • Services lithium battery packs by testing various voltage levels.
  • Ability to test all lithium battery packs testing with various voltage levels.
  • Supports an Intelligent equalizing function and the ability to equalize maintenance parameters.
  • Adopts wave width modulation technology, high efficiency, high power factor, low noise, low electromagnetic interference.
  • Supports multiple protection measures/ alarm settings of voltage, current, temperature abnormal to protect the battery by balancing.
  • Supports the safety protection functions such as overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, output short circuit, anti-reverse protection and protecting against overheating.
  • Auto-stop conditions allow for control in the testing mode; to avoid over-charging and over-discharging.
  • Customized setting the total charging time, constant voltage time, charging capacity, and charging current.


  • Power Input: AC 90-265V
  • Data Communication: CAN RS485
  • Data Dump: U disk
  • Module Data Acquisition Communication: Harness sampling
  • Group Voltage Accuracy: ≤±0.5%FS+0.3V, resolution: 0.001V
  • Cell Voltage Accuracy ≤±0.1%FS+5Mv, Resolution: 0.001V: ≤±0.1%FS+5Mv, resolution: 0.001V
  • Current Measurement Accuracy: ≤±1%FS+0.2A, resolution: 0.1A
  • Charging/Discharging Voltage Range: DC 2~260V
  • Charging Current Range: 0~100A, maximum power 4.4kw
  • Discharging Current Range: 0~100A, maximum power 7.2kw
  • Charging Control: Constant current charging + constant voltage charging
  • Discharging Mode: Constant current discharging
  • Charging and Discharging Data Acquisition: In-camera active measurement + external can communication data acquisition
  • Electric Box Charging and Discharging Protection: Battery string overcharge and over discharge, battery sting temperature is too high protection
  • Main Unit Protection: Over temperature, over current, current runaway trigger shutdown protection
  • Shutdown Actuator: DC air circuit breaker + release
  • Reverse Connection Protection: Available
  • Abnormal Protection: Power failure of power line and main cable
  • Over-temperature Protection: 100°C Resistance box over temperature 85°C; radiator over temperature 100°C
  • Alarm Prompt: LCD prompt+buzzer

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