LAUNCH ADAS Software Activation Card



  • LAUNCH ADAS Software Activation Card activates ADAS Static Calibration function for any LAUNCH X-431 Pro and PAD series scan tool enabling your diagnostic tool to perform calibration functions using any LAUNCH ADAS PRO and Mobile equipment.

  • The LAUNCH ADAS Software Activation Card is also compatible with other competitor ADAS devices. It enables calibration functions on other ADAS targets equipment. 

  • All LAUNCH X-431 PRO and PAD series scan tools already come with ADAS DYNAMIC Calibration functions capabilities that can be performed without targets.

  • Upgrade your professional calibration services by adding the ADAS Static Calibration function to your scan tool. Buy the LAUNCH ADAS Software Activation Card.

Difference Between Static And Dynamic ADAS Calibration

  • Dynamic ADAS Calibration, also known as mobile ADAS calibration, employs a hand-held device that is connected to the vehicle's systems. The vehicle is then driven a predetermined distance at a predetermined speed in ideal weather conditions. In order for the system to adjust to normal road conditions, the vehicle manufacturer will establish the distance and speed.

  • Static ADAS Calibration takes place in a parked vehicle; no driving is required. Instead of utilizing a handheld device, everything is done in a specialized workshop with a variety of very sensitive equipment that is used to test each module or feature and then restore it to its original state.
There is a difference between Static and Dynamic ADAS calibration. The procedure to utilize, as well as precise parameters to use during testing and calibration, will be specified by your car manufacturer. It's not something you should attempt on your own; it should only be done by qualified specialists with the appropriate equipment. Unfortunately, it extends the time it takes to do activities like windscreen replacement, with calibration lasting anything from 30 minutes to more than 3 hours. However, the advantages in terms of increased safety for you and other road users are well worth the extra time.

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