The 2020 Kovoz, Angkola, Chuangku, etc. cannot be measured with X-431, and even maintenance of the lamp cannot be eliminated. At this time, you should not give up because you lack such an adapter cable!

It is mainly for the detection of license plates of CAN FD communication protocols such as GM, Jaguar, and Land Rover (reading fault codes, data streams and other special functions).

The Bluetooth connector of 3S+ and PADIII does not directly support this CAN FD car communication protocol, so it is necessary to purchase this CAN FD adapter separately!


  • Work for Can FD Compatible Vehicles
  • Compatible with: X431 Throttle, Pad II AE, Torque, Turbo, X431 V+, Pro3, Pad 3,  Pad V


  • 1pc x LAUNCH X431 CAN FD Connector Car Code Reader


Lease Application - LAUNCH X-431 CAN-FD ADAPTER


Lease Calculator - LAUNCH X-431 CAN-FD ADAPTER