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XPROG 3 is a newly introduced compatible module, featuring key programming, all keys lost for VW models, EEPROM read and write, Key simulator and other advanced IMMO functions. 


Supported Brands
VW, Audi, Skoda, SEAT, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota… (updates to be continue)

Supported Systems
Engine system, automatic transmission, instrument system, CAS, body system, lock system…

Compatible With 
X431-Throttle, X431-Throttle III,  X431-Torque, X431-Torque III, X431-Turbo, X431-PAD II AE


  • EEPROM Read& Write
  • MCU Read& Write
  • Mercedes-Benz Keys
  • Key Simulator
  • VW Fourth-generation Dump Mode All Keys Lost 
  • Read Engine in BENCH Mode
  • Read Engine in Boot Mode
  • VW Fourth-generation Enumeration All Keys Lost
  • Read Gearbox Data
  • Read/Write Keys
  • Read BMW Engine ISN Code
  • Read/Write BMW CAS4+ and FEM Chips
  • Read/Write Audi Fifth-generation Steering Column Chips
  • Read OBD MED17 Engine
  • Replace VW fourth-generation UDS engine
  • Replace VW MQB engine, gearbox, steering column lock
  • Read/write Mercedes-Benz engine and gearbox data

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