The Bead Blaster delivers a large volume of air in a very short amount of time to help seat the beads on the most stubborn of tires. This is portable so that it can be used in the field or in the shop. If your tire changer does not have a built-in bead blaster, (or the bead blaster is just not getting the job done) then this is the perfect choice to help seat the beads on many stiff sidewall tires.


    • Seats beads safely and on “hard to seat" beads.
    • Portable and easy to use.
    • 4 ¾ gallon certified tank designed to help seat the beads on ATV tires up to and including large semi-truck tires.
    • The “rim” tab on the steel inflation barrel “hooks” securely on the edge of the rim for stability.
    • The lever action on the ball valve discharges the in-tank air to “blast” the air cavity of the tire and seat the beads quickly.
    • The air gauge displays the air pressure inside the 4 ¾ gallon tank.
    • Pop off (safety) valve is set to release at 160 PSI.
    • Fast fill tank coupler (with ball valve control lever) quickly refills the tank.

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