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BNC to 4 mm Test Leads

Test lead of a male BNC connector to (2) 4mm connectors. It is a kind of special line for assisting the Scopebox to test various types of signals. 4mm connectors are coded in two colors: black (earth wire) and red (positive pole which should be connected with the 6-way Breakout Leads). Moreover, it can also work with the 20:1 Attenuator.

6-way Breakout Leads

With these 6-way leads, you will be able to test most of the sensors and actuators on all makes and models of vehicle, including MAP, temperature, throttle position and airflow sensors, fuel pumps, primary ignition circuits and fuel injectors.

USB Cable

Connects the Scopebox and diagnostic tool so that the sampled signal can be displayed on the diagnostic tool.

Battery Clamps Cable

To supply power to the Scopebox through connection to vehicle’s battery.

20:1 Attenuator

It allows the Scopebox to measure fuel injector and primary ignition waveforms *Note: Please note this attenuator should be not used for any high voltage measurements other than fuel injectors and primary ignition.

Secondary Ignition Pick-up

This ignition pick-up is applied in the following situations: Secondary-distributor ignition analysis, Secondary-simultaneous ignition analysis and Secondary-direct ignition analysis.

COP (Coil-on-Plug) Extension Cord

Coil-on-Plug extension cord (including earth cord) allows you to take accurate secondary ignition measurements on secondary-direct (Coil-on-Plug) ignition systems. It can be applied in the condition that there are no, or limited access to any spark plug leads.

Multimeter Probes

Crocodile Clips

Designed to connect the bare terminals or leads.

Back Probe Pins Suite

They are mainly used for piercing the insulation of wires to allow for automotive electrical measurements without causing damage to the wires. Additionally they can be used as pin-tip probes while working with small circuit boards.

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