KWB-521 is the most LAUNCH cost-effective wheel balancer. It is the top choice by many end users in North America. It supports various balance modes and maximizes its usage. 

  • Automatic measure three parameters distance (“A” Value)
  • Automatic brake positioning/Laser positioning
  • Show the amount of weight needed directly
  • Function switch combination key for tire rim optimization combination
  • Automatically perform ALUS balancing
  • OPT/HID function
  • Wheel width: 1.5 - 22˝
  • Rim diameter range: 12 - 24˝
  • Max. wheel diameter: 650mm
  • Max. wheel weight: 75kg
  • Balance cycle: 7s
  • Balance speed: 180rpm
  • Voltage: 220V

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Lease Application - LAUNCH KWB-521 WHEEL BALANCER


Lease Calculator - LAUNCH KWB-521 WHEEL BALANCER