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LAUNCH X-931 Touchless Wheel Aligner accurately reads, measures and adjusts automobile tire parameters, including front and rear. Toe-in, front and rear camber, caster, Kingpin inclination and thrust angle. 

Includes LAUNCH TLT-455W 4-Post Lift


  • Accurately & swiftly measures vehicle parameters including front and rear Toe-in, front and rear camber, caster
  • Tire Diameter up to 39"
  • Kingpin inclination & thrust angle
  • Five times faster than the traditional 3D Wheel Aligner
  • Performs both readings and adjustments to manufacturers specs
  • Reading results without run-out compensation
  • Completely touchless alignment operation
  • Touchless and damage-less rims and tires

LAUNCH TLT-455W 4-Post Lift 4500mm wheelbase vehicles included

The hydraulic four-post lift with a capacity of 5.5 t (455 W) is best for the lifting of various vehicles sizes in garages and workshops. This lift is equipped with scissor lifting jack (lifting capacity: 2 t), sideslip plates and turntables for wheel alignments.


  • Hydraulic four-post lift with a capacity of 5.5 t especially suitable for alignment measurements
  • Design based on international standard and conform to the CE certification
  • Best for the professional wheel alignment
  • Distance between rails adjustable in 3 positions: 1,445 – 1,595 mm
  • Overloading protection, overvoltage protection and protection against cable breakage
  • Safety lock in full traveling span and pipe burst protection
  • Equipped with anti-burst valve for safely lower-down when hose break out & foot protection
  • Electromechanical top limit switch: effectively protecting the vehicle from overhead collision
  • 4 steel cables for equalization force
  • Slackline protection

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